Foundry equipments
Foundry materials
Foundry moulds and patterns
Foundry jigs and fixtures
Foundry technology
Die casting
Die casting machine and ancillary equipment
Alloy and auxiliary material




Die casting island and robots
Die casting post treatment equipment
Die,tooling and fixture
Computer applications
Business and trade and consulting and services
Technical publications and periodicals and networks
Other exhibits


Processing equipment of metallurgical raw materials
Smelting technology and equipment
Continuous casting technology and equipment
Rolling technology and equipment
Electronic control equipment, inspection equipment and data processing
Metallurgical auxiliary material
Metallurgical products and by-products


Metallurgical environmental protection technology and equipment
Production equipment and products of refractory materials
Processing technology and equipment of sheet metal
Processing equipment of metal wire and mesh
Production technology and equipment of sheet structure

Industrial Furnace

All kinds of Industrial furnace
Heat treatment equipment and devices
Induction heating equipment and corollary equipment
Electrothermal alloy and heating element
Waste heat recovery device
High temperature air fuel device
Far infrared heating technology and equipment


Heat carrier heating design and equipment
General industrial furnace fire-resistance and heat insulation material
Furnace instrument and automatic control system
Consulting, planning, services
Technical Publications and periodicals
Components, ancillary equipment


Industrial Robots and Automation

Main body of industrial robots
Various manipulators
Application products and solutions of industrial robots
Functional components and parts of industrial robots

Industrial automation(Production process and automation)
Information technology and software of industrial automation


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