ABP Induction, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany employs about 500 people worldwide. Along with technological leadership in the melting, holding and heating of ferrous and nonferrous metals ABP Induction is also the industry leader in social, environmental and economic sustainability certified by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics.

What began 1903 with the first channel induction furnace is from ABP’s predecessor. The ABP Induction Group today focuses on services and sales in all major industrial regions from 10 locations around the globe: Germany, Sweden, Russia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Thailand and Japan.

Along these years operation, ABP Shanghai built hundreds of furnaces for melting and heating applications in China, including the biggest induction furnace in the world and the most advanced intelligent control induction systems, that’s why ABP became a confidential partner of FAW, TISCO, Weichai, Yuchai, DFM, Heli, Tianrun Crankshaft, CSR, Foton and etc. due to our excellent performance and perfect service.

Melting BU: The world’s leading creators of induction system – ABP, we keeps the most activity in technology.


- Energy efficient furnace

Open cage concept for better maintenance resulting in higher reliability/energy efficiency

Low noise emission due to reduced vibration and special yoke design, air cooled

Long lining life  

- Power Supply Technology

Completely designed in digital technology & Remote diagnosis via modem (TELESERVICE)

Trouble-insensitive optical fibre cable, internal self-test

Highly energy efficient and reliable

Heating BU: ABP---a leading company of module induction heating technology


Modularly construction, high reliability, high efficiency, energy saving 0.95 or more power factor

No overheat, 10~100% production rate change

Temperature heating profiles optimized by THERMOPROF software of ABP

PRODAPT-FX monitoring and controlling heating processor and optimizing heating setting values and storing the values to be reproduced at any time

Conformity all of coils in one system and modules, easy assembly, maintenance, less spareparts

Thanks for your attention on ABP’s technology, we are appreciate to lead the sustainable development of IF system as well. 


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Bill Cheng,15901655882

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Samuel Liu, 13601988128


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